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PAZ 104 - Fabric Development

Course Objectives

1.The ability to analyze the composition and structure of knit and woven fabrics.
2.The ability to describe the quality of knit and woven fabrics related with their components.
3.The ability to learn classic fabric categories in both knit and woven textiles.
4.The ability to read and prepare specification sheets used for sourcing knit and woven

Course Description

A comprehensive study of the composition and functions of knit and woven fabrics.
Covering the background knowledge needed to for an entry-level position in textile sourcing or product.
Examination of market samples, creation of swatches on hand-looms and knitting machines, and performance testing in textile laboratory.
Related topics (fiber, yarns and post-production treatments) will be examined in the context of production planning and finished product performance.

Course Coordinator
Cevza Candan
Course Language
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