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PAZ 216 - Performans Tekstilleri

Course Objectives

This course provides students with a broad discussion on performance textiles and their comprehensive applications in various areas. The fundamental principles of performance textiles and functional finishes are introduced, and the latest developments and relevant technologies are emphasized. Sustainability and emerging regulatory issues are also discussed.

Course Description

Performance textiles are a new paradigm for textile industry, and are one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry. This course brings students the discussion about a wide variety of performance textiles that are either commonly used or newly emerged with great potential applications. The methodology of producing performance textiles, from fiber and yarn innovations to fabric and garment technologies, is introduced systematically, and the functional finishes used to achieve performances are discussed in details. The applications of performance textiles in various areas are explored, and the latest advancements in performance textile technology are presented to students. Sustainability issues and relevant regulations are also covered in each category of functional finishes and particularly discussed in the last section due to the emerging trends.

Course Coordinator
Nazan Okur
Course Language
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