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MOD 113 - Visual Design Concepts I

Course Objectives

1. To teach how to render designs in marker and colored pencils as well as how to sketch fashion figure and garment details,
2. To give information about the proportions of the contemporary fashion figure.
3. To give information about color theory and its application to contemporary fashion trends, and acquire the ability to mix colors to match actual fabric swatches.
4. To help students acquire the skills to create a professional design presentation.

Course Description

This course will enable the student to understand, analyze and draw the female fashion figure, front, turned and back views. Garment details, silhouettes and color theory will allow them to communicate their design ideas via the fashion sketch. Acquiring skills in design development sketching will enable them to create simple design groups. Presentation, marker and color pencil techniques will be demonstrated. Flat sketching and presentation skills will be introduced.

Course Coordinator
Cevza Candan
Course Language
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