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MOD 237 - Visual Design Concepts III

Course Objectives

1. To recognize the importance of the customer in designing a collection.
2. To explore the coordination of silhouette, fabric/trims and design details to achieve design unity within each group.
3. To develop collections using different types of materials, using their own selection of fabrics and colors, including technical drawings.
4. Create a design journal that provides the opportunity to practical experience in quick sketching.
5. To develop speed drawing techniques.
6. To create presentations relevant to design ideas.

Course Description

Students learn to explore making collections by exploring Fashion categories & markets. They create an entire collection from thumbnails to portfolio figures by speed drawing techniques.
Four different collections will be prepared taking inspiration from different sources. Through four major projects, emphasis will be placed on the application of design development to a variety design groups, designed to expand the students knowledge of key fashion categories, markets and price points.

Course Coordinator
Cevza Candan
Course Language
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