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MOD 357 - Intr. to Knitwear Design

Course Objectives

1. Develop basic patterns for knitwear garments:Tops,Skirts,Dresses
2. Use standard industry sewing practices for knitted garments and
3. Teach how to measure a sweater and prepare its pattern
4. Teach how to use hand knitting machine as a design tool
5. To develop student’s design skills for knit structures

Course Description

Using knitwear industry methods, students learn specialized patternmaking, construction and specification development for sweater knit silhouettes in Module A. They learn to develop and machine knit original design swatches in Module B. Through hands-on research-and-development, knitwear industry sustainable practices are introduced through original design development of sweater knit garments.

Course Coordinator
Cevza Candan
Course Language
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