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MOD 133 - Materials & Construction I

Course Objectives

1. To analyze pattern pieces and determine the sequences and the planning of constructing a garment.
2. To plan the layout of pattern pieces to achieve the most economical use of fabric yardage while maintaining grain lines,cutting, construction and finishing of sample garments.
3. To analyze various type of garment closures; zippers, buttonholes, hook and eye and snaps
4. To utilize steam pressing equipment effectively during the process of constructing the garment.
To select and use appropriate seam finishes and hemming procedures for particular fabrics.

Course Description

Visits to study rooms/exhibitions provide further opportunities to explore the influence of fabrication choices, construction details and techniques on silhouette development. As related to the fashion designer, course stresses hands-on construction, cutting, and finishing techniques for creating garment prototypes. It introduces materials (cottons, wools, and interfacings), core characteristics, and handling.

Course Coordinator
Merve Gizem Ogan Yazgan
Course Language
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