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TEK 392 - Design in Textile Engineering

Course Objectives

Course Objectives1. to teach the importance of design in textile engineering,
2. to give the fundamentals of the engineering design, the contemporary context of the design process,
3. to gain the familiarity about important methodologies, tools and techniques.

Course Description

Course DescriptionIntroduction to engineering design. Meaning of “design”. Relationship between science, technology and design. The design process. Teamwork. Problem solving. Creativity. Communication. Innovation. Relationship between creativity, innovation and engineering design process. Documenting. Evolution of design methodologies. Defining the client’s design problem. Functions and requirements. Generating and evaluating design alternatives. Design modeling, analysis, and optimization. Evaluation of the design for manufacture, affordability, sustainability and ethics.

Course Coordinator
Ümmühan Telem Gök Sadıkoğlu
Course Language
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