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PAZ 112 - Karşılaştırmalı kumaş yapıları

Course Objectives

• To introduce all major forms of textile design structures, their main characteristics (tactile, thermal, hand etc) and their possible end uses
• To give basic approaches which help students be aware of how cost and benefit equations are determined
• To introduce traditional marketing channels for textile products

Course Description

Within a context of possible end use, this course instructs students on how to compare, categorize and describe major textile structures including woven, weft and warp knitted, nonwoven, tufted and other. It furnishes an overview of principles that define structural designs and provides insights on how designs may be modified through styling. Emphasis placed on isolating and evaluating cause & effect variables as well as evaluating cost/benefit factors, designing for utilitarian performance properties and how these considerations affect cost and aesthetic properties.

Course Coordinator
Cevza Candan
Cevza Candan
Course Language
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