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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Tekstil Terbiyesi
English İnt. to Coloration&Finishing Prc
Course Code
TEK 316E Credit Lecture
Semester 6
3 2 - 2
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Berdan Kalav
Course Objectives 1. To give technological knowledge about textile pre-treatment, coloration and finishing process.
2. To teach the sequence of textile pre-treatment, coloration and finishing processes.
3. To give problem solving ability relevant to textile coloration and finishing.
Course Description Pre-treatment and coloring processes for fiber, yarn, fabric and garments, application methods for textile products, textile pre-treatment, coloration and finishing technologies, design of pre-treatment, coloration and finishing processes, the effects of chemicals used during pre-treatment, coloration and finishing processes over human health and environment, and precautions to be taken.
Course Outcomes Students who pass the course will have:
I. A knowledge of fundamentals and applications of textile coloration and finishing processes,
II. A knowledge of consecutive application methods,
III. A knowledge of choosing appropriate process machines and designs for production line and equipments,
IV. A knowledge about production design.
Pre-requisite(s) TEK 211 MIN DD or TEK 211E MIN DD
Required Facilities
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