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PAZ 302 - Hi Tech Textiles

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. Gain a detailed knowledge of hi-tech fabrics, their characteristics and their benefits
2. Become familiar with the evolution and use of hi-tech textiles in performance apparel and sportswear.
3. Acquire an understanding of functional textile characteristics and thus garment performance
4. Gain information about textile finishing techniques and the special machinery used in manufacturing hi-tech textile fabrics and garments

Course Description

Description and classification of hi-tech textiles. Use of hi-tech textiles in the design and development of performance apparel and sportswear. Introduction of multifunctional multilayered textiles. Evolution of hi-tech textiles for outerwear. Properties of high-performance fibers. Manufacturing methods of hi-tech fabrics. Smarts fabrics and wearable technology. Recent developments in technical textiles. Environmental and sustainability issues in hi-tech fabric development.

Course Coordinator
Burçak Karagüzel Kayaoğlu
Course Language
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