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UAH 537 - Geostatistical Analysis of Spatial Data

Course Objectives

•To understand the spatial data and geostatistical methods.
•to develop optimum sampling methods for spatial data based applications.
•to analyze and determine of measurement errors within the spatial data.
•to understand spatial variation and characterize spatial variation using variograms.
•to precisely implement spatial interpolation methods, to solve spatial problems by means of geostatistics.

Course Description

Definition of spatial and non-spatial data, descriptive statistics, standardization; Statistics and data analysis, bivariate and multivariate analysis, variograms, spatial dependence, scales of spatial variation, anisotropy, Modeling variograms and model parameters; kriging, interpolation, simple kriging, ordinary kriging, indicator kriging, block kriging, kriging with trend, measurement error and the kriging variance, smoothing; Cokriging, the cross-variogram, coregionalization, cokriging equations, cokriging variance, Geographic Information Systems and geostatistics

Course Coordinator
Elif Sertel
Uğur Algancı
Course Language
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