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GEO 510E - E.Modelling With GIS&Rem.Sens.

Course Objectives

i)The objectives of the course are to demonstrate the application areas of new technologies such as Remote Sensing and GIS and the models used for the solution of environmental problems/issues in World and Turkey.
ii)It is aimed to improve the skills for analyzing and application of the methods by evaluating advantages and disadvantages of the new technologies such as RS and GIS in environmental modeling with the different case studies presented.

Course Description

Course outline, Modelling, Environmental Mapping and Monitoring, Spatial data, data management, new sensors for environmental mapping, Environmental Issues in World/Turkey, Overview of GIS, Overview of Remote Sensing, Environmental Monitoring with RS and GIS, GIS – RS Integration, Case studies, Student Presentations and Assessments and Overview.

Course Coordinator
Ayşe Filiz Sunar
Course Language
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