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UMT 511E - Transport Phenomena for Metallurgists

Course Objectives

The students are expected to learn:

the fundamental connections between the conservation laws in heat, mass, and momentum
how to formulate conservation statements in heat, mass, and momentum at multiscales from microscopic to macroscopic in both steady and unsteady modes
how to solve analytic linear partial differential equations including separation of variables, similarity solutions, Laplace transforms, and coordinate transformations
classic transport solutions including rotating disks, flow around spheres and in channels with heat and/or mass transfer occurring
how to formulate multicomponent diffusion and simultaneous heat and mass transfer problems

Course Description

Principles of heat transfer. Steady and transient conduction of heat. Radiative heat transfer. Convective transport of heat in both laminar and turbulent flows. Emphasis on the development of a physical understanding of the underlying phenomena and upon the ability to solve real heat transfer problems of engineering significance.

Course Coordinator
Cüneyt Arslan
Course Language
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