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UUM 625E - Advan.Top.in Aeron.&Astro.Eng.

Course Objectives

1- To give a deep understanding of the fundamental equations of aeroacoustics.
2- To teach disteratization schemes in computational aeroacoustics
3- To investigate aerodynamically generated sound for different problem in aerospace and solve using numarical methods.
4- To gain ability of implement these methods to various aeroacoustics problems.

Course Description

General acoustic theory. Aerodynamic sound generation. Finite Difference Solution as an Approximate Solution of a Boundary Value Problem. Finite Difference Model for a Surface of Discontinuity. Spatial Discretization in Wave Number Space. Time discretization. Origin of Numerical Dispersion.Group Velocity and Dispersion. Radiation, Outflow, and Wall Boundary Conditions.Optimizied Finite Difference Schemes.

Course Coordinator
Baha Zafer
Course Language
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