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CBM 553 - Energy Genetation from Waste and Biomass

Course Objectives

---This course aims to learn the following topics:
1. Waste and Biomass definitions, characteristics and energy potentials
2. Energy production technologies from waste and biomass by biological and thermal methods,
3. Costs of energy generation techniques from waste and biomass, Waste and Circular economy

Course Description

--Definition of Biomass, View of Energy in the World and in Turkey, Waste Management, Waste and Biomass Characterization Methods; Storage, Preprocessing, RDF, SRF Preparation; Biogas Production; Fermentation (Biogas Production from Industrial Organic Wastes), Landfill-Landfill Gas Production; Bioethanol/Biodiesel Production Techniques; Thermal Methods I; Classification, Combustion/Incineration, Biomass Combustion Model, Combustion Calculations
BAT Technologies, Thermal Methods II – BAT Technologies; Torefaction and Pyrolysis Techniques, Energy Recovery by Thermal Methods; Future of Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide Technologies; Hydrogen Production, Carbon Dioxide Capture and Use Methods, Technology Selection, Technoeconomic Evaluations, Circular Economy, Waste Gas Cleaning and Control Techniques

Course Coordinator
Kadir Alp
Hasan Can Okutan
Course Language
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