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JEO 612E - Regional Tectonics of Asia

Course Objectives

1 – Tectonic evolution of Asia and mechanisms of continental growth.
2 – Structural and compositional differences between collisional and accretionary orogens.
3 – Comparative tectonics and interpretation of tectonic settings.
4 – Significance of integration of data obtained by various geological and geophysical methods.
5 – Ability to apprehend and analyse large volume of information.

Course Description

Asian cratons and large continental blocks. Intracratonic basins an mechanisms of their formation. The Uralides: opening and closure of oceanic basins. The Altaids: Subduction-accretionary complexes and sutures Arc-parallel tectonic transport. The Nipponides: modern subduction zones. The Turan, Scythian and Caucasus domains: Evolution of Paleo-Tethys. Caspian and Black seas. The Tethysides: Pamir, Afghanistan. Trans-Caucasus, and Iran. The eastern Part of Tethysides.

Course Coordinator
Borıs Natalın
Course Language
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