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MBL 549E - Special Top.in Arch.Des.Comp.

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the emerging information processing paradigm of computational cognition in the context of architectural design computing and computational theory of design
2. To let students gain insight into architectural design process through associated computational model
3. To enable students to question and enhance the design strategies and techniques they have been using based on the gained insight
4. To enable students to assess to what extent a particular computational representation models architectural design phenomenon

Course Description

Computational cognition; correspondence between computational cognition and brain cognition; perception and abstraction through probabilistic-possibilistic computation; Pareto non-dominance and Pareto frontier; knowledge elicitation by stochastic search; diversity in decision variable space and objective function space; auto-association; cognition as continuum of Pareto-non dominance in decision variable space; implications of computational cognition for design theory.

Course Coordinator
Mıchael Stefan Bıttermann
Mıchael Stefan Bıttermann
Course Language
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