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IPY 502 - Cost Management in Construction Project

Course Objectives

1. To understand the importance of the cost estimation during initiation-planning-design phases and learn the cost planning, estimation and control methods,
2. To learn the cost estimation models used in tendering and bidding phases,
3. To have knowledge about the cost estimation and control of the construction firms from the bidding phase to the end of the construction,
4. To learn the computer-aided cost estimation (CACE) models used in the different phases of the building production process.

Course Description

Decisions related to cost during different stages of the building production process, cost estimation and the importance of cost planning, cost estimation (calculation) methods in design stages (parametric methods, cost estimation based on functional building elements and work items and resources); works before cost estimation during tendering phase, cost calculation and control in construction process, computer-aided cost estimation (CACE) models and classification of them, CACE models used in preliminary and detailed design, tendering-bidding, progress payment and control phases.

Course Coordinator
Elçin Filiz Taş
Course Language
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