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KBM 502E - Plan.&Des.of the Port Struc.

Course Objectives

1- To teach the concepts of port planning and design,
2- To teach the theory of statistics and spectra of random waves,
3- To teach random sea transformation in the nearshore,
4- To teach the analysis and design methods of vertical and rubble mound breakwaters, revetments, berth and terminal structures, floating terminals and offshore moorings,
5- To teach the seismic design aspects of port structures,
6- To introduce the geotechnical design aspects of port and coastal structures,
7- To introduce the economic and feasibility aspects as well as miscellaneous topics in port engineering,

Course Description

Introduction. Port concepts and planning. Port related marine structures. Statistics and spectra of random sea waves. Random sea transformation in the nearshore. Design of vertical and rubble mound breakwaters. Harbor oscillations and tranquility. Seismic design of port structures. Design of revetments. Floating terminals. Offshore moorings. Geotechnical aspects of port design. Berth and terminal structures design. Port economics and feasibility. Miscellaneous.

Course Coordinator
Cihan Bayındır
Course Language
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