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YTT 512E - Automotive Textiles

Course Objectives

1. To give information about innovative and functional materials for automotive textiles
2. To give information on types of "functions" which can be built into the automotive textiles
3. To discuss about technology management and innovation strategies in automotive textile development
4. To give information about the design and development of automotive textiles within the frame of the recent advances in technical textiles.

Course Description

Automotive Textiles Market Place. Fiber and Fabric Types. Funtional and Innovative Materials. Product Engineering –Interior Trim (seats, door casings, headliners, etc). Other Textile Applications. Sustainable Automative Textiles. Textiles in Other Forms of Transportation. Quality Performance Measurement Systems. Innovation Strategies in Automative Textile Development.

Course Coordinator
Fatma Banu Nergis
Course Language
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