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ENB 602E - Microbial Genetics in Environmental Engineering

Course Objectives

Transfer of the scientific knowledge on the basis and application of modern scientific tools for identification, quantification and functional analyses of microbial populations/ communities significant in environmental science and engineering applications

Course Description

Nucleic Acid-based In-situ Analyses of Microbial Diversity and Physiology. Bacterial Community Profiling Using DGGE or TGGE. Fluorescent rDNA Probes for In-situ Bacterial Identification. Quantification of Nitrifiers, Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidizers (Anammox) and Denitrifiers in Biological Treatment Processes Using FISH. Microbial Population Dynamics in EBPR Systems Using Hybridization Techniques. Diversity and Function of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria. Characterization of Acetogens and Methanogens Using 16S rDNA Analyses, FISH, DGGE. Quantification of Actinomycetes Associated with Bulking and Foaming in AS Plants Using FISH. In-situ Identification of Bioremediative Microbial Communities by Molecular Tools.

Course Coordinator
Orhan İnce
Ebru Dülekgürgen
Course Language
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