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PST 538E - Appl.Pol.in Food,Drug&Cos.Ind.

Course Objectives

Classification of polymers based on their applications.
Contribution of polymers to drug formulations as excipients
Contribution of polymers to food formulations as excipients.
Contribution of polymers to general cleansing formulations.

Course Description

Classification of polymers. Human body-polymer interactions. Skin and polymers. Gastro-intestinal sytem and polmers. Polymer interactions with the eye, bone and the other tissues. Acute and chronic toxicity of polymers. Polymers in drug formulations. Polymers in modern and conventional dosage forms. Polymers in food formulations. Consumption of synthetic and semi-synthetic polymers. Natural polymers. Basic principles of polymer use in cosmetic formulations. Measurement of polymer performance in food, drug and cosmetic formulations. Polymers in industrial cleansing agents.

Course Coordinator
Murat Türkoğlu
Murat Türkoğlu
Course Language
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