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YAP 502 - Deformation Properties of Materials

Course Objectives

1- Understanding of strain stress behavior of the materials having different characters in cause and effect relation.
2- Teaching of the differences of material behavior in relation of atomic structure.
3- Evaluation of engineering properties of materials and the effective parameters on these properties.

Course Description

Factors affecting strength loss. Mechanical behavior of solid materials, ideal materials and mechanical models. State of Stress. Maximum shear stress. State of strain. Viscoelasticity (Rheological models). Plastic Behavior. Dislocations: Yield strength of perfect crystal, types of dislocations, properties of dislocations, dislocation geometry, interactions of dislocations. Microplasticity of single crystals. Fracture criteria. Fatigue behaviour.

Course Coordinator
Bekir Yılmaz Pekmezci
Course Language
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