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KMM 512 - Enzyme Kinetics

Course Objectives

1. To provide information on enzyme and enzyme applications.
2 To train students to analyse rate data of single or two/multi substrate enzyme-catalysed reaction.
3 To provide information microbial growth kinetics and bioreactors.

Course Description

Structure of enzymes, bioenergetic, Kinetics of enzyme; Equations of Michealis Menten, Lineweaver-Burk ve Eadie-Hofstee, effects of temperature and pH, inhibition, competitive, noncompetitive-uncompetitive inhibitors, inhibition of substrat and product, activation, sigmoid kinetics and allosteric enzymes, İmmobilization; immobilized enzeyms, methods and applications , Microbial growth kinetics; effects of temperature and pH, inhibition, activation, growth yield, Bioreactors and classification, fermentors, Measurment parameters of bioreactors.

Course Coordinator
Fatoş Yüksel Güvenilir
Fatoş Yüksel Güvenilir
Course Language
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