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MTS 514 - Architecture and Utopia

Course Objectives

A comparative and critical reading of the primary sources of utopia with an assumption that utopias offer new research routes through their alternative forms of narratives and concepts.

Course Description

Primary sources of utopia, utopia and other concepts, gardens of ancient ages, golden age and urban ideals, Ideal city versus monastery life in the Renaissance, Enlightenment and the contingency of the order, 18th century Paper Architecture, Space of the Practical Utopia in the 19th century, Romanticism, Futurism, and popular understandings in the new century, Social mission of Modernism, utopia after the world wars, utopias and others since 1975

Course Coordinator
Sıdıka Aslıhan Şenel
Nizam Onur Sönmez
Course Language
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