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MTS 527E - Project II Dissertation Design

Course Objectives

1 To give information about side-disciplines of information contained in the thesis work, to start preliminary work (pilot field studies, observation, preliminary analysis, project preparation and so on.)
2 Compilation of theoretical and practical studies in these areas; to interpret this information with a critical point of view and make it useful for the thesis

Course Description

Theoretical approach to dissertation research; Evaluation of theoretical data for history, environment, medicine, economics, technology, engineering basic sciences; Obtaining the conceptual approach; Conceptual framework; Definition of concepts and interaction with data; Commenting data which converted to design knowledge; Controlling the design knowledge according to social, scientific, cultural and ethical values; Progressing the design knowledge by using information and communication technologies in expert level; Progressing the strategies and policies; Progressing the implementation plans; Leadership approaches to solve the problems; Types of written presentations to present the studies in scientific platforms; Types of oral and/or visual presentations to present the studies in scientific platforms; Research, scientific and professional ethics;

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Emin Şalgamcıoğlu
Course Language
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