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YIP 524 - Application of Modern Technologies in Construction Management

Course Objectives

1. To learn how to use of big data & cloud technologies that have database infrastructure and the use of spatial information systems in possible solutions for construction management problems
2. To learn how to LIDAR technology for 3-D modeling of structures and measurement of deformations while design changes or maintenance-repair phases
3. To learn how to use the adaptive façade systems and zero energy building technologies
4. To learn how to use modular construction Technologies which have contributions to construction management in terms of time, occupational health and safety, and life cycle
5. To learn how to use augumented and virtual reality applications in construction management.

Course Description

This course will cover the technologies that have been involved in the construction management in recent years such as big data and cloud technologies, LIDAR technologies, adaptive facade systems, net zero energy building technologies (nZEB), modular construction technologies, augmented & virtual reality technologies and geographic information systems in construction management.

Course Coordinator
Senem Bilir
Course Language
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