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CTT 512 - Facade Waterproofing and Daylight: Design and Performance

Course Objectives

1. To give expert-level necessary and current information on daylight,
2. To give the ability of optimum daylight aperture design as the façade’s transparent component,
3. To introduce the national and international current standards related to daylight.
4. Teaching design principles and performance evaluation methods of façade waterproofing and airtightness.
5. Developing skills to designing façades for water and airtightness.

Course Description

Daylight, visual comfort, factors affecting design of façade’s transparent component (daylight apertures), methods determining daylight performance, façade design for benefiting/ controlling sunlight, solar control systems, daylight apertures’ role on lighting energy performance.
Effect of wind driven rain on facades. Façade failures due to rain. Design principles for waterproofing. Performance requirements, laboratory tests and classification. Water and airtightness performance testing of a mock-up. Analysis of an existing façade project in terms of water and airtightness design.

Course Coordinator
Alpin Köknel Yener
Ayşe Nil Türkeri
Course Language
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