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ELK 519E - Resonant Power Converters

Course Objectives

1. Obtain mathematical formulations required for steady-state and dynamic analysis of DC/DC converters based on resonant operation principle,
2. Derivation of characteristics of series and parallel resonant converters,
3. Soft switching (zero-current or zero-voltage) techniques and application of these techniques to classic pulse-width-modulated DC/DC converters,
4. Calculation of controller design criteria using using large and small-signal equivalent circuit modeling of a frequency-controlled resonant power supplies are also within the scope of this course.

Course Description

Introduction to resonant conversion principles, sinusoidal approximation for resonant converter analysis, averaging, state-plane analysis, series and parallel resonant converters, continuous and discontinuous conduction modes, LCC and LLC resonant converter, soft switching, zero-current switching (ZCS) and zero-voltage switching (ZVS) resonant converters, quasi-resonant square-wave converters, half-wave and full-wave ZCS quasi-resonant-switch, small-signal AC modeling, analysis of multiresonant converters, three-phase ZCS and ZVS resonant rectifiers.

Course Coordinator
Deniz Yıldırım
Course Language
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