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PET 513E - Numerical Reservoir Simulation

Course Objectives

To introduce the concept of reservoir simulation as a reservoir engineering tool, familiarize students with its theoretical foundation, numerical schemes used in reservoir simulation, development of flow equations and their fınite-difference forms, building numerical flow models with coding applications by focusing on single-phase incompressible and slightly-compressible formulations in 2-dimensional space.

Course Description

Basic mathematical and reservoir engineering concepts required in numerical reservoir simulation; Derivation of basic fluid flow equations in porous media; Numerical solution techniques (finite difference techniques); Grid systems and boundary conditions; Incorporation of production/injection wells in x-y systems (Peaceman approach); Simulation of 2-D single phase flow of incompressible and slightly compressible fluid; Treatment of nonlinear terms in simulation; Explicit and implicit methods; several applications based on simulators to be developed by students taking the course

Course Coordinator
Fazıl Emre Artun
Fazıl Emre Artun
Course Language
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