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GEO 521E - Data Acqusition Sys.Remote Sen

Course Objectives

i) Collecting correct and reliable data has become very important in geomatic engineering applications. Data collection techniques and sensors, the usability of the gathered data in terms of quantitative and qualitative aspects will be explained
ii) To gain the ability to compare, analyze and choose the best fitting sensing system among available sensing systems in terms of detail richness and correct positioning

Course Description

Inroduction; Elecromagnetic radiation as information carrier; Principles parameters for sensors: spectral information, spatial information, intensity information; Sensor types: Passive sensors: non-scanning, non-imaging systems, scanning imaging systems; Active sensors: non-scanning non-imaging systems, scanning imaging systems; Spectral and spatial resolution of sensors; What is Lidar? Electromagnetic Radiation, Electromagnetic Spectrum of Lidar, Lidar imaging, the ground resolution Lidar signal processing, Comparison of SAR and Lidar techniques, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, Data types

Course Coordinator
Cankut Örmeci
Cankut Örmeci
Course Language
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