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SPL 503E - Urban Planning Project I

Course Objectives

To discuss the relations of social, economic, cultural and spatial impacts on diversified urban land use
To develop students' ability to understand urban, natural, social and cultural change and development
Gaining applicable and legal planning and design ability

Course Description

Depend on the studio subject determined according to the student composition coming from the different disciplines, obtaining natural, physical and socio-economic data in the settlements (settlement which have industrial, tourism, agricultural, service, historical, harbour area properties) or obtaining data in the settlement parts through the development objectives, doing special researchs of different disciplines according to these data, evaluating future estimations and objectives together with the sectoral, spatial and demographic projections to form development strategies. Besides, Alternative Development Schema of the settlement and report explaining the planning decisions will be prepared

Course Coordinator
Turgay Kerem Koramaz
Course Language
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