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RST 605 - Industrial Archaeology

Course Objectives

To discuss problems of conservation of sites, complexes, monuments and data of industrial archaeology

To make conservators able to obtain, assess and evaluate the inter-disciplinary data concerning processes and buildings of industrial archaeology, including pre-industrial artifacts and complexes.

To give the student the capacity of discussing, analyzing and interpreting a problematic of industrial archaeology in a scientific, professional, and intellectual context.

Course Description

The definition, scope and intentions of industrial archaeology; the relationship between industrial archaelogy and history of technology; the gathering and revaluating materials of and information on industrial archaeology; documenting industrial processes and related structures; specific problematics of industrial archaeology in Turkey; an introduction to the pre-industrial techniques and structures of production; preservation and regeneration of early industrial heritage; international organisations and institutions for the protection of the industrial heritage; case studies and their assesment.

Course Coordinator
Gülsüm Tanyeli
Course Language
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