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MBL 611 - Phenomenology and Hermeneutics in Computational Design

Course Objectives

1.To discuss contemporary computational design potentialities through phenomenological perspectives that generally focus on the value of human interactions (bodily and mental) with the environment for interpreting the world.
2. To question the effects of changing architectural design tools and medium with novel technologies on design activities and processes.
3. To analyze and discuss the contemporary relationship between theory and praxis in computing.

Course Description

Architectural design and interpretation; cardinal theories in the field of phenomenology and hermeneutics; concept of interpretation and its modalities: critical discussions and evaluations based on Heidegger’s, Ricoeur’s, Eco’s, Van Manen’s and Ihde’s writings; rules in architectural design and interpretation; re-understanding design tools, processes and objects through developing technologies; experience and computational thinking.

Course Coordinator
Ethem Gürer
Course Language
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