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KBM 509E - Wave Climate

Course Objectives

1- To introduce the theory of linear water wave mechanics,
2- To introduce the engineering properties of Airy waves,
3- To introduce long wave theory and tsunamis,
4- To introduce the wavemaker theory,
5- To introduce wave statistics and spectra,
6-To introduce wave forces and floating body dynamics,
7-To introduce miscellaneous topics in wave mechanics and future research directions,

Course Description

Introduction to wave mechanics. Review of the hydrodynamics and vector calculus. Small-amplitude (Airy) water wave theory formulation and solution. Engineering wave properties. Long waves. Wavemaker theory. Review of Fourier series. Wave statistics and spectra. Wave forces. Floating body dynamics. Nonlinear wave properties derivable from Airy’s theory. Miscellaneous.

Course Coordinator
Cihan Bayındır
Course Language
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