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ULS 517 - Ulastirmaya Yonelik Yoneylem Arastirmasi

Course Objectives

1. To teach optimization concept, and
2. To teach the frequently employed methods of operations research for transportation problems.

Course Description

Mathematical Programming: Linear, Integer and Quadratic Programs - Linear Programming: Simplex and Dual Simplex Methods, Duality and Sensitivity Analysis, Extensions of Linear Programming - Integer Programming: Branch-and-Bound Algorithm, Cut Algorithms, The Transportation Algorithm, Scheduling Models - Non-Linear Programming: Single-Variable Optimization, Multivariable Optimization with & without Constraints - Dynamic Programming - Network Analysis: Minimum-span, Shortest-Route and Maximal-Flow Problems - Project Planning Using PERT/CPM - Inventory Models – Forecasting: Regression Methods, Smoothing Methods - Game Theory - Decision Theory - Markov Processes - Queuing Systems: M/M/1 Systems, M/M/s Systems, M/M/1/K Systems, M/M/s/K Systems

Course Coordinator
Hilmi Berk Çelikoğlu
Course Language
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