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ULS 515 - Introduction to Traffic Engineering

Course Objectives

1. To teach the basic concepts of traffic;
2. To teach the basics of surveys on traffic flows;
3. To teach the basics of numerical analyses on traffic flows; and
4. To teach the basics of implementation studies on traffic flows.

Course Description

Fundamental variables of Traffic Flow: Flow, Density, Speed – Statistical and probabilistic models of flow variables – Observation of flow variables – Fundamental relationships (diagrams) of traffic flow: Speed-Density, Flow-Speed, Flow-Densitys – Mathematical models of fundamental diagrams – Highway Capacity - Types of highway capacity – Relationship of road geometric standarts with capacity - Traffic volume estimation and highway design – Basic analyses for traffic flow: Bottleneck capacity analysis, Shockwave analysis, Platoon dispersion analysis, Surveys on Speed, Density and Accidents

Course Coordinator
Hilmi Berk Çelikoğlu
Course Language
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