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ENB 509E - Bio.Processing of Solid Wastes

Course Objectives

1. To introduce alternatives and applications of organic wastes recovery processes,
2. To introduce the mechanisms occurring during the composting process and the methodology for utilization and marketting of the compost related to the application areas,
3. To introduce anaerobic digestion process , types of anaerobic digesters, methods for enhancement of the biogas production, and alternative bioenergy productions from solid wastes.

Course Description

Organic waste concept regarding Integrated Solid Waste Management; Composting: Basic concepts, microbiology, biochemistry, stability, maturity, phytotoxicity, trace elements, heavy metals, micronutrients, organic compounds; Compost utilization and marketing; Fundamentals, analysis and optimization of the anaerobic digestion of the organic solid wastes; Types of anaerobic digester; Pre-treatments for the enhancement of anaerobic digestion; Co-digestion of solid wastes; Bioenergy production alternatives.

Course Coordinator
Mahmut Altınbaş
Course Language
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