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CKY 549 - Structural System Design

Course Objectives

Introducing structural systems, providing basic steps of structural system design and basic concepts about the integration of structural systems and architecture.
Providing extensive knowledge about R/C, steel, composite, masonry and wooden structures and design concept.
Introducing restrictions of the Turkish Seismic Codes on design of structures and introducing priciples of Turkish Seismic Codes.
Developing various structural system solutions and examples from applications.

Course Description

Introduction to Structural Systems. Design Steps. Structural Project. Loads. Basic Concepts of Structural System Arrangement. Joints in Structural System. Structural System Arrangement in R/C Structures. High-Rise Buildings and Lateral Load Resistance. Code Requirements of R/C Structures. Structural System Arrangement in Steel Structures. Design of Steel Structures Under Lateral Loads. Code Requirements of Steel Structures. Structural System Arrangement in Composite Structures. Structural System Arrangement in Masonry Structures. Code Requirements of Masonry Structures. Structural System Arrangement in Wooden Structures. Code Requirements of Wooden Structures. Developing Various Structural System Solutions and Examples from Applications.

Course Coordinator
Necdet Torunbalcı
Course Language
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