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YTT 509E - Textile Technologies

Course Objectives

1. To give knowledge about the types and properties of yarns.
2. To teach the basic computations used during yarn production.
3. To give an ability to determine the differences between various yarn production processes.
4. To teach the woven fabric structure
5. To give knowledge about the effect of production techniques on the woven fabric structure
6. To introduce production methods for weft knitting
7. To introduce production methods for warp knitting
8. To introduce dyeing and printing technologies, textiles colorants and dyeing mechanism,
9. To give knowledge about the textile printing methods
10. To give knowledge about the textile finishing and application methods
11. To introduce fundamentals of nonwovens
12. To give knowledge about nonwoven production methods
13. To teach how to determine the end-use according to nonwoven type.

Course Description

Classification of textile yarns. Explanation of basic computations and description of machines and processes used in yarn production. Fundamentals of weaving, elementary weaves, woven fabric analysis. Weaving preparation systems. Weaving machines, classification and working principles
Fundamentals of knitting. Classification of knitting technology. Circular, flat and warp knitting technology and fabric samples. Introduction to textile dyeing and printing technologies, textile colorants and dyeing mechanism, printing methods, textile finishing types and application methods. Fundamentals of nonwovens. Nonwoven web forming and consolidation methods. Usage areas of nonwovens.

Course Coordinator
Nazan Okur
Course Language
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