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UMT 522E - Industrial Electrochemical Technologies

Course Objectives

1. Reinforcing the importance of electrochemical concepts in industrial applications and
learning the significant considerations in electrolytic reactor design in terms of techno-economic assessments
2. Learning the electrolytic metal and metal salts production processes, the environmental applications (production of high temperature metals and alloys, effluent treatment, recovery of metals, electrodialysis, flocculation, coagulation, etc.) and their modern technological developments
3. Scrutinizing the molten salt systems and important parameters in the cell design with their industrial integration from different sectors.
4. Learning the electrochemical shaping techniques in material machining with their principals
5. Learning the electrochemical applications in energy systems with technological developments and expectations

Course Description

Electrochemical cells, material selection criteria and system design parameters will be scrutinized by taking techno-economic approaches into account. Correspondingly, productions of metals and alloys from aqueous and molten salts systems, electro-shaping techniques, environmental and energy applications (i.e. effluent treatment, batteries and fuel cells, etc.) as well as synthesis of compounds will be discussed.

Course Coordinator
Güldem Kartal Şireli
Course Language
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