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JEO 579 - Tectonics and Sedimentary Basins

Course Objectives

Examination of sedimentary basins in frame of the plate tectonics
Learning of modern examples of sedimentary basins
Recognising the kind of sedimentary basins in the stratigraphic column and interpreting their tectono-stratigraphic evolution
Disscussing hydrocarbon potantial of sedimentary basins

Course Description

The lecture includes the following topics: Basin classification, factors controlling basin formation and evolution, type of plate boundary, rift, continental rise and terrace, continental embankment, intracratonic basin, continental platform, active ocean, oceanic island, aseismic ridge and plateau, dormant ocean, trench, trench-slope basin, intra-arc basin, back-arc basin, retroarc foreland basin, remnant ocean, peripheral foreland basin, piggyback basin, intermontane basin, strike-slip systems, transtensional basin, transpressional basin, transrotational basin, intracontinental wrench basin, aulacogen, impactogen and successor basin.

Course Coordinator
Gülsen Uçarkuş
Course Language
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