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MOT 577 - Supercharging and Turbocharging in IC Engines

Course Objectives

To give some perspective to the Automotive students about,
1. Reasons for super and turbocharging of ICE, contribution of charging to broaden of application field of ICE,
2. Theoretical and practical bases of super and turbocharging, optimization of the relations of system components,
3. Problems encountered in practice, improvement possibilities, modeling the system as a hole.

Course Description

Introduction, History of supercharging and turbocharging, Super- and Turbocharging as a way to improve performance and efficiency, Classification of charging systems, Thermodynamics of super- and turbo charging, Evaluating of the basic parameters, Matching of charger and engine, Systems of engine and turbocharger, The ways of energy conversions, Improvement of torque characteristics and acceleration capability of the turbocharged engine, Efficiencies and emissions, Intercooling, Computer simulation of turbocharged engines.

Course Coordinator
Hikmet Arslan
Course Language
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