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NSE 518E - Nanotech.&Nanoapplic.in food

Course Objectives

This one semester course will introduce students the understanding of basics, principles and new developments of nanotechniques and nanoapplications in foods. In doing so, nanoscale technologies and characterization in foods including bionanotechnology applications will be taught. New developments on nanoscience, nanotechnology and bionanotechnology in foods and their effects on human health and environment will be explained.

Course Description

Introduction to nanoscience and nanotechnology; nanotechnology application in food industry; nanoparticle production; nano-emulsions, nanogels, nanocomposites and nanostructured and their applications; nanoscale properties of food biopolymers; nanotechniques in foods, nanosensors in foods; bionanotechnology applications to foods; antimicrobial nanomaterials; functional nanomaterials; consequences for human health and environment, limitations; future trends in food nanotechnology.

Course Coordinator
Filiz Altay
Course Language
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