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ISL 606 - Special Topics in Operation Research

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is
1.to teach the theory and applications of meta-heuristics
2. to provide to discuss the theoretical and applied meta-heuristics literature
3. to provide a scientific and managerial perspective for model building, solving, and analyzing the complex problems in production/ service/ energy/ supply systems.

Course Description

Artificial neural networks; definition, biological neural systems, architecture, features, types, learning algorithms- supervised, unsupervised, hybrid learning algorithms, Genetic algorithms; definitions, basic phases, genetic operators-cross over, mutation, selection, Fuzzy logic; fuzzy set theory, definitions, mathematical representation, basic phases, fuzzy inference system, examples, application areas, software. Developing, intelligent production/ service/ energy/ supply systems based on the literature and computer solutions.

Course Coordinator
Demet Bayraktar
Course Language
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