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MAK 608E - Modelling of Turbulance

Course Objectives

Understanding and interpreting
• turbulent flow, energy transport;
• structure of turbulent equations and closure problem;
• models with turbulent velocity, temperature and other components;
• applying computational methods to turbulent flows.

Course Description

Introduction. Fundamental of Turbulence. Production of turbulence and turbulence scales. Derivation of momentum, energy and component transport equations for the Reynolds averaged turbulent flows. Modeling each term of transport equations. Subtraction of model constants. Simple closure approaches for free stream flows and wall bounded flows. Application of these approaches to jet flows, flows in pipes, channels, boundary layer flows and buoyant flows. Wall functions and other approaches to wall proximity. k-epsilon based models, other approximation models, second order closure approaches. Large Eddy simulations. Preliminary information on Favre averaged flows.

Course Coordinator
Sertaç Çadırcı
Course Language
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