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MIT 607 - Architecture Sinan and Ottoman Culture of Arhitecture

Course Objectives

In the 16th century, the most brilliant age of the Ottoman Empire when Architect Sinan was active and the architectural activities of Mimar Sinan who is the chief architect of the success shown in the field of architecture as well as great developments in many fields, will be explained.

Course Description

The general framework of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century, the construction technology and architectural tradition in the Ottoman classical period, the early period of Ottoman architecture that was influential in the shaping of Architect Sinan's architectural style within the framework of this tradition, his architectural style, his influence on Ottoman Architecture and his place in world architecture, his life, contributions of his voyages to his architectural style, his primary buildings, the influence of Mimar Sinan on the later Ottoman Architecture.

Course Coordinator
Aras Neftçi
Course Language
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