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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Discussion of the plan and course content, prior information about the topics
2 Definitions related with industralization process, urbanization-industrialization
3 Basic variables defining urbanization process
4 Relations among industrialization and urban regions and changing process
5 Industrial settlement areas in settlement models and their properties
6 Industrial location routers in 20th century and observed changes, industrial enterprises and different distribution factors, classification based on industrial areas quality and need
7 Industrial land use tendencies and differentiations
8 Technological change, transition to industrial society to information society,
9 The relationship between technological development - Industrial zones and industrial land use preferences using high-technology
10 Structural change in industry and deindustrialization
11 Industrial land use models - Data Evaluation Model
12 Industrial land use models - LUCAM Model
13 Industrialization policies in Turkey, technoloical developments, transition process to liberal economy and Turkish industry
14 General evaluations
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