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MBL 601 - Evolutionary Approaches in Architectural Design

Course Objectives

To be able to use genetic algorithms and evolutionary approaches in the creative processes of architectural design;
To benefit from evolutionary approaches and processes in nature as a source of inspiration in solving problems in the field of architecture;
To be able to use L-systems, cellular automata and emergent systems in architectural design;
To analyze the processes and forms in nature during the form search phase in architectural design;
Being able to use the computer as a partner in the idea generation phase of the design process

Course Description

Use of genetic algorithms in architectural design, genetic architecture; Form generation and sample models in digital architectural design; Genetic algorithms and the role of evolutionary design in creative architectural design; genetic evolution; Genetic algorithm terminology; Genetic algorithm technique and stages; Genetic algorithm processors; Genetic algorithm parameters; Evolution in the design process; Evolutionary design optimization, evolutionary art; Creative evolutionary design; Evolutionary approaches in the design process; evolutionary improvement in design; Evolution of solid bodies, object design, interactive evolutionary computation model; Evolutionary approaches to creativity, search for evolutionary ideas, integrated evolutionary design; Biomimesis, Lindenmayer systems in architecture, cellular automata and emergent systems; Housing design evolution, form evolution, floor plan design model; Evaluation of creative design; Examples of evolutionary models for creative design

Course Coordinator
Ethem Gürer
Course Language
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