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DEP 615 - Structural Health Monitoring in Earthquake Engineering

Course Objectives

1. Information on the necessity and importance of structural health monitoring systems
2. Transfer of knowledge and experience for the measurement of planar (2D) and spatial (3D) motions
3. Summarizing the current technology on sensors and recording devices
4. Information and numerical processing skills on Discrete-time Fourier transforms, Z-transforms, filtering and linear systems
5. Information and gaining competence on parametric and non-parametric methods for system identification and simple tools for damage detection

Course Description

To present the basics on structural health monitoring-SHM (i.e., continuous monitoring of the dynamic motions of structures) and data analysis, including selection of sensor types and locations, dealing with noise in digital data, spectral analysis, system identification in time and frequency domains, and damage detection

Course Coordinator
Ercan Yüksel
Course Language
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